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Primaplas is a leading plastics distributor in Australasia, connecting global suppliers with local manufacturers of everything from water bottles to cosmetics packaging. This rebrand champions the value they add through knowledge, peace of mind and an effective global network, three attributes which position them as much more than just a commodities middle man.

Brand strategy

Our strategy for Primaplas was to highlight the value beyond their network, the tangible benefits their team bring to the table for clients, every day. These are things that set them apart from competition, value drivers at the heart of their success over the years: insight, connections and trust.

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Brand identity

We took inspiration in Primaplas’ role as a bond in the market, connecting organisations and making the plastic industry work better. This created a unique visual territory for the brand, through a connected universe of illustrations supported by photography of the team – the people that customers deal with every day.

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Sonnet brand Identity design Primaplas Photography
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Sonnet brand Identity design Primaplas Photography portraits


To launch the new brand we redesigned the website to tell the updated brand story, emphasise the value they add to clients and champion the team behind the services they provide. ➝

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