Striking the right balance


Pigdon | Norgate is a leading family law specialist with offices in North and West Sydney. Their expert team of lawyers consider the circumstances of every case to bring a balanced approach, providing clarity and guidance to help clients move on with their lives. 

Brand strategy

Striking the right balance.
When people stop seeing things from the same point-of-view, a level-head and a balanced approach is critical in finding a successful resolution. What sets P | N apart is their ability to approach each case with objectivity, to look at both sides of a dispute and find the best way to move forwards for all. Decades of experience has equipped them with the skills to be both a lawyer and a listener, daring and pragmatic, logical yet intuitive. Whatever it takes.

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Brand identity

We created a visual identity around this notion of duality and balance, and from messaging to the logo itself, we used a dividing line inspired by the scales of justice to bring the idea to life. Photography of the team provided much needed reassurance to an often distraught audience, so we art directed a series of images by photograper Jessica Lindsay to reinforce the notion of 'people helping people'.



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We designed and built a new website to help P | N turn more leads into clients and reinforce its position as a leading boutique firm in Sydney. The site prominently features the new team prohotography and is designed to work in two columns, a solution that subtly underscores the concept of duality, simplifies navigation and improves focus on the content.

www.familylawyerspn.com.au ➝

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