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Delisse is a café franchise selling artisanal French market food in busy food courts all over Sydney. From salads and sandwiches to coffee and pastries, every part of the offer has a distinct French flavour which was previously missing from their branding. We created a new identity to enhance and celebrate this inspiration and to help them stand out in the hyper-competitive food court landscape.

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Brand strategy

Missing ingredients.
As part of a design audit we identified 3 things for the new branding to address; clarity of their offer, a unique point of difference against the competition and a more inspiring presence on the food court. Our aim was to showcase the French origins and create an identity that would help them stand out in a competitive environment. 

Brand identity

We evolved and built upon the previous branding including logo development, monogram, traditional vichy pattern and bespoke woodcut engravings from artist Steven Noble to illustrate their flexible variety of food options. Applications for the new brand roll-out included packaging, signage, point of sale and staff uniforms.

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Tone of voice

To support the personality of the new brand we developed a tone of voice that blended French and English in a distinct and tongue-in-cheek way to draw attention to the daily specials and deliver a more memorable brand experience.

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