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CameraPro is a pioneering photographic retailer, with stores in Queensland and a strong digital presence throughout Australia. We redefined the brand to appeal to a new generation at the forefront of creativity, and better represent their progressive culture.



The relentless pursuit of better

Key to creating the identity was the understanding and articulation of the culture at the heart of the company. Since its inception over a decade ago, CameraPro’s core purpose has been to provide a better experience for photographers. Through their retail locations, digital presence, workshops and events, they support and inspire their customers and community on a journey of discovery and improvement.


We created a comprehensive set of visual and verbal identity guidelines to encapsulate the new proposition, and ensure that CameraPro had the tools at their disposal to bring the brand to life consistently across all channels.


We developed an extensive range of applications and ideas to help CameraPro take their new brand to market, from signage to social media, catalogues, uniforms and everything in-between.


“Sonnet have taken our brand to the next level. Their agile approach, and commitment to never stop until we are 100% satisfied with every detail of the project, has set them apart from just about any service provider (of any kind) we’ve ever encountered.”

Jesse Hunter, Founder