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Brand new digs

After almost a year of renting desks, we’re delighted to move into the first official Sonnet studio. We can now be found at 352 Kent Street – just a stone’s throw from our previous digs at The One Centre on York Street (not that we plan on throwing any stones at them mind). We’ve got to know this part of town pretty well over the last year or so and we’re glad we could stay local. It’s an up and coming part of town and there’s plenty to see and do outside of the office, so here’s a few of our favourite new Kent Street hangouts:

 Cafe Vicolo Where we get our morning coffee (if we have time to cue), but also a great spot for meetings or lunch. This former jam factory is a beautifully restored space designed by Renato D’Ettorre and a great example of the classical Victorian Warehouses that once dominated this part of the city.
 Since I left you is one of the best small cocktail bars in Sydney. It has a great outdoor courtyard and feels just like a little slice of Melbourne. It’s conveniently tucked away up a side alley, just a few feet from the door of our office – handy!
Canvas bar is an art gallery / cafe / cocktail bar and offers a variety of events from free comedy nights to things like the Head on Photography Festival. 

Written by Gareth Procter