Sonnet: Year One


Sonnet: Year One

In June 2015 we took a leap of faith; possibly the biggest risk of our careers. With only a couple of clients but encouraged by a clear purpose and need for independence, Sonnet was born to help businesses build extraordinary brands. A year on, we take some time to reflect on the journey.

This is not Buzzfeed (though we could use some of their traffic). In this post you won’t find ‘7 things we learned in our first year in business’ or any other reused content disguised as insight and spoon-fed via catchy headline. This, like everything else on this journal, is an honest recount of 365 days building a different type of studio.

This is Sonnet: Year One.

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A lot has happened recently so let’s recap. In the past couple of months we have moved into a new studio in Sydney’s CBD, launched our new website (tadaaa) and put together an amazing new showreel. New is hence the word we most often repeat around the studio these studio but, as we said before, there’s more beyond the flash of new. These changes are only a natural next step in the growth of Sonnet but by no means will they impact what we set out to build from day one: an alternative to the traditional agency model.

We hope these new tools will help us build a more solid business platform to reach new heights and get our message to more people. Ultimately, Sonnet is about helping businesses do better and, a year in, we are now ready to get out there and actively reach out to people. We are looking to build lasting relationships with organisations across every industry, in Australia and around the world. 

Take our website for example, the result of many hours of discussion to balance what we need with what we want and, most importantly, what YOU want. Here’s a sharper, more ambitious digital presence to better introduce Sonnet to a new audience. Sure, it’s a platform to showcase our work and capabilities, but it is also an invitation to find inroads into the way we work with our clients. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes peak at brand-building; the Sonnet way.

As for our new studio, you can find out more in a recent post about the place and the neighbourhood but for now, suffice to say we needed our own space to grow, bring in collaborators and remove the safety net we’d been using. Intimidating? Yup. Exciting? You bet. Our new home is just one more example of our ambition for Year Two, which we can define with one word: more. More on that later.

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Sonnet, and our journey so far, could not be explained without D+I, our first client and some of our favourite people to work with. What began as a simple(ish) brand positioning exercise quickly became an opportunity to question and redefine their purpose as an organisation. A number of brand applications followed, from internal engagement pieces to a new company presentation, culminating in a brand new content platform called Plus. Today we are still working with them in finding new ways of sharing their story.

D+I Company Presentation

D+I were followed by a challenging set of new projects, from cool hospitality venues (including some recognition) to small businesses and consumer products. Slowly we are building a fascinating portfolio of clients and, more importantly, a reputation for sharp thinking, killer creative and tight execution.

Now it’s time for the next step. We’ve spent the past year reacting, answering to some of the branding requests we’ve had from clients. After all, independence means saying ‘No’ sometimes. We  helped business of all sizes define their story and find new ways of articulating what makes them special. It’s been an unbelievable ride which left us with little time to proactively reach out to a wider business community. This is what we mean by doing more on year two.

‘More’ means getting out often and meeting new people, it means conducting talks and workshops to highlight the value of extraordinary brands. ‘More’ is about devoting time and resources to building a stronger network of collaborators and clients, adding skills to our tool belt and projects to our portfolio. Year Two at Sonnet is about cohesive growth. Stay tuned.