Building brands from the inside-out


It wasn’t that long ago organisations felt the need to hire an expensive global agency to go away for 3 months and come back with a new version of their brand. Today, building a brand in an entirely different game.

Back then, the chosen agency focused on coming up with a set of brand statements that made the client’s management team look good. Big words companies could put on fancy signs where all customers could see them. Look at us! We’re just like you!

Senior management would proudly display those words but rarely be able to articulate their true meaning or, better yet, demonstrate them. At the same time, most staff would feel no attachment and simply ignore these statements. Shelf life: 6 months.

Sonnet_Brand workshop


At Sonnet we don’t miss those days.

Today, we build brands with our clients rather than for them. We listen and ask tough questions to people at every level of the organization. We think like customers and, like them, we can be harsh critics.

The result is a more intimate brand: a story customers can connect to and a promise your people can own internally. We still see value in big words but we believe the signs belong upstairs, where management can see them every day. Downstairs, for customers in the real world, we design experiences that bring a brand mission to life. We translate values into something customers can feel and touch.

Ultimately, downstairs is where your brand breathes and lives. It’s where customers and staff get to touch it, and feel it, and own it. Downstairs is where Sonnet feels at home.