The joy of print


Printed publications are increasingly rare and many out there have given up on paper-based communication altogether. Not us: at Sonnet we believe in a new, more prestigious role for paper. Today, printed content is so revolutionary it can set an organisation apart and help build extraordinary brands.

This skepticism toward paper is certainly understandable; it’s a logical byproduct of the increasingly digital lives we live. We all carry in our pockets a device infinitely more powerful than anything we could have dreamed of just a few years ago. At Sonnet we celebrate, encourage and make the most of this era of amazing possibilities. We are the product of these times. Our argument for paper, however, is simple: there is room for print; it’s not a matter of ‘either/or’. The prevailing appetite for what’s immediate and interactive presents a fantastic opportunity for discerning brands to make a bet on print in order to stand out and close the gap with customers.

One could argue there is a certain fleeting air to all things digital, as if being intangible actually meant being short-lived. A growing number of organisations see this new landscape as a trade-off: reach vs. permanence, relevance vs. prestige, future vs. past. We are all being forced into Team Digital and any sign of compromise is deemed naïve at best, often outright myopic. At Sonnet we rebel against that idea.

Our approach is different because we promote the role of print within digital and we design branded experiences where one complements the other. We consider print a treat for the senses, something perceived as special precisely because it’s rare. We contend brands should develop content worth printing and package it to wow key segments of their audience: the opinion leaders, the trendsetters, the kingmakers. The value of paper is the value of the unexpected.

While deeply committed to this idea, we are also very honest with clients: this approach comes with a fair amount of risk. The bar is higher for print, and despite the nearly limitless options of print and paper, of format and colors, content will prove the ultimate acid test. At Sonnet we are proud advocates for this new role for print because we can back it up with engaging brand stories and compelling design. Print is an investment worth making only if it provides a suited platform for extraordinary brands. Falling short of this promise is a failure few brands can afford.

Putting something into print conveys confidence in your brand’s purpose and in the value it provides to customers. The permanence of what’s tangible is an unmistakable commitment to stand by your word, to put your money where your mouth is. Through print, brands are sending a loud and powerful message: this is who we are (and it’s not changing anytime soon). In this age of superficial engagement and malleable brands, customers respond to that assurance.

Outstanding print warrants attention, it demands careful consideration. Our recent work designing and editing +15, an innovation annual curated by D+I, is the perfect example of this fierce reality. Real estate on people’s desk is very precious and only the best will secure a spot. What’s more, it will create anticipation and forge a reputation for leadership. This is the new role of print at Sonnet: to be home to outstanding content worth the paper it’s printed on. Join us.